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Expand your horizons!

- A pilgrim destination in the Frostviksfjällen mountains on the border to Norway along Wilderness road!


Several opportunities to book hikes
in the mountains with us.

Snow mobiles

Sweden's first and largest area for
snow mobiling with a large trail system


Fishing in Frostviksfjällen
mountains and Lierne


"I have been given the opportunity to stand on top of the mountain and gaze as far as the eye can see in every direction. I have seen the sky lend itself to the bluest blue and the grayest gray, crossed by rainbows and illuminated by the full moon. I have been allowed to speak in the silence of the dripping cave, and kept quiet to hear the primeval questions of the forest. I have been resting in the sun-warmed heather, and with heavy legs wandered over endless marshes. I've let the fog make room for mystery, and the rapids fill me with power. In the tracks of the bear, I had to face my own beast, and among golden birch trees, I caught my breath and saw the soul borrow the wings of a butterfly."
Author Kajsa Ingemarsson during one of her visits.

The hotel

The hotel has 70 beds divided into single, double- & twin share rooms, family rooms as well as cabins and apartments. All have showers, WC as well as access to kitchens. Most of the rooms have lake views. Our conference room can host up to 25 persons. Sauna and Hot-tub sit right by the lake side. You can hire equipment for your activities either separately or as part of one of our packages.

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Environmental awareness

We know that we inhabit a beautiful but also sensitive planet. Our entire business concept is built on running an operation which forms part of the greater unity, as we are ourselves part of a unity. It becomes an interchange between being "the user and the environmental nurturer".  It is beneficial for us humans to visit our beautiful nature. This in turn may also lead to a wish to care more for nature, animals and also yourself as a human being.

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 From ”Isobels vandring” by Kajsa Ingemarsson, illustration: Saga Mariah Sandberg


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Breakfast times
Breakfast buffé for hotel guests 7.00 – 9.00 Mon – Fri. Saturday – Sunday 8.00 – 10.00. (During summer 8.00 - 10.00 all days). Do you wish to have breakfast at another time, please speak to our staff the day before. 

The life of a Pilgrim

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It can begin with something as simple as a thought. Is there more to discover?

Restaurant Pilgrim

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"Tasty a la carte menu including reindeer, fresh fish and other local delicacies"
We are open 17.00 - 20.00 Monday - Wednesday. During the high season 17.00 - 20.00; Monday - Sunday. We accept bookings for groups all year round. Call us to book a table for dinner. A lunch buffé can also be pre-booked for parties of 10 or more persons.

Contact us

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The Pilgrim Guides are happy to guide you on a Pilgrimage tour, standard hike, mountain fishing tour, boat tour or a snowmobile excursion to untouched winter landscapes.

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