Mountain fishing in Frostviken

Frostviken card - one card, 110 waters

Frostviken mountain world is not just geographically on the top of Jämtland - the angling is among the best.

Frostviken fishing card is available at the tourist bureau in Gäddede.

The card is also valid on Lillfjället and around Muruhatten. You can walk the trail from outside the hotel past Yttervattnet and further towards Övervattnet where the trail splits. To the left there is a trail to the Bäckmy tarn and straight ahead it continues towards Muruhatt tarn and around the Övervattens mountain. At a little tarn beside the mountain Muruhatten there is a little cabin where you can have a break. 

From the Muruhatt tarn the trail goes past a couple more tarns before it continues up towards the top of Lillfjället. On the top is another cabin,  ”Lillfjällsstugan”. In the tarns there is char and trout. The area has a lot of moors and wet ground, remember to bring good shoes! 


Fishing on the reindeer grazing mountains

Several waters on the "Reindeer grazing" mountain area allow fishing between 15/6 - 15/9. For more exact information and to buy fishing card on the web, click the map below. 

Nordli card - Fishing in Lierne, Norway

Map over fishing area in Lierne

There are nice fishing waters on the norwegian side of the border too. Closest to us is Murusjön, with the river Muruån which runs down to Hetögeln. Why not start there?

You can rent a little boat from a farmer in Norway. If you want a bigger boat with a motor you can rent ours. In Muruvattnet there is: lake trout, grayling, whitefish, pike, burbot, char and trout. There are lots of fishing waters to choose between: creeks, lakes, tarns and mountain waters.


Fishing with a guide

We can do fishing trips for 2-5 persons. We can do tours both in Frostviken and in Lierne, Norway. Book at least 10 days before arrival. 

3 nights with full board, fishing pass, fishing guide and acess to snowmobile/motorboat; 6590 sek/person. 

Contact us to choose the right date for your trip. 

Directly outside the hotel there is a lake called Kvarnbergsvattnet, and has trout and char. Especially good for winter fishing. Below Gäddede municipality is Hetögeln ca 500 meters from PilgrimsHotellet. There is a lot of mountain tarns and lakes to discover both winter- and summertime!