Environmentally conscious

We know that we live on a beautiful but also sensitive planet. Our whole idea builds on operating a business as a part of a whole as we are a part of something bigger. It becomes a correlation between being a "user and environment defender". The interest for the unexploited is growing and we would like to see all of you who want to visit a place like this without destroying it at the same time. We can greet you with a facility where we care about human and environment. All our purchases and relations are coloured by this approach. We choose ecologic and fairtrade when it's possible. Ecologically produced means that products are produced with consideration towards animals, nature, climate and humans. It should be called normal production, instead the unsustainable ways of producing is the norm. Our waste is sorted for recycling. Our electricity is marked a good environmental choice. We want to keep learning!

Local action

When we buy our products locally a positive cycle is created.  The indigenous people sells the reindeer which gives produce to our restaurant. The moose comes from different hunters. Some of the game becomes delicacies at a local charcuterie. The char is fished in a lake closeby and the berries are picked in forests and on mountains. The lambs grow up on small farms in the area. Our guests shop in the villages. The maintenance on our establishment is, if possible, done by local craftsmen.  If we get the growth we hope it will contribute to that these suppliers can also grow by selling more to us. If the whole tourism business i the Frostviken area acts like this it means we build eachother up and that our guests get even better service and quality. It makes opportunities for even more creativity. The products we can't buy locally we buy with environmental focus. Ecological and fairtrade. As well as many vegetarian products.

Transports & travels

Most of our guests travel by car. If you have an electric car you can charge it at the hotel. Some go by plane, train or bus. Our attitude towards traveling is that it is good and important for us humans to travel. When you come here you arrive to a place with a low population and the nature here is very pure and clean. For many, the encounter with the beauty of nature makes it easier to think more environmentally friendly, with regard to nature and the planet we live on. 

Sometimes it might even have an impact on politics and large corporations. What's most important is that politicians, energy- and tech-corporations take responsibility to choose techniques and fuels which are easy to use and sustainable in a long-term view. Of course it's good to reduce short drives and to use public transportation, where it is possible. Often in bigger cities or commuting to and from work. Recreational vehicles like snowmobiles are common here in wintertime. To drive a snowmobile is a fun and rewarding sparetime activity which also makes a part of the nature and wilderness available for visits in the winter, even of those who might have a hard time getting out in the mountains otherwise. The technology in the snowmobile business is developing too, towards more energy efficient vehicles. It's also good to know that there's widespread areas where you are not allowed to go with anything other than skis or on foot. We also have kicksleds and bikes that you can use for shorter trips in the village. We always try to do our best to use our natural resources in a considerate way.

Good environmental choice electricity

The swedish nature protection associations label gives a guarantee that all the electricity is from renewable sources like sun, wind, water and bio fuels. It's the label which makes the biggest difference for the environment, because the label is the only one that sets high requirements on the production of electricity.  For example the water power producers has to take consideration to fishing. We are also trying to make this establishment more energy efficient as we go. We are planning to put solar cells on the roof. We also have a charger for electric cars, so you who have one can charge up.  Read more 

Perseverant economy

Our business is run in a corporation where it is what we use our money for that gives us a satisfying profit.  A profit that is that more people can find their way out into beautiful nature, with good guides, food and accomodation. We believe that it creates a value for us, our guests and our surroundings. We know that quality gives a higher purchase price, but also that it lasts longer. We think it's wiser to prioritize perseverance. A bank with this approach is JAK members bank. They want to value justice, regard to people and environment as an important part of the economy. The bank can be a tool for a long-term establishment of the real world - not for fast consumption of resources. This resonates well with our philosophy and the necessary development towards considerate use of resources on planet earth.  JAK Medlemsbank