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About us

We are here to meet with you and to offer you a great time with good food & guided trips with our Pilgrim guides

The hotel Pilgrimshotellet has been named as such in order to describe our aim to guide people into our Swedish, Jämtish wilderness, on hikes & pilgrimages. We who work at the hotel would like to assist you in getting back to nature, into the great, beautiful natural environment that brings joy and wonder, as well as respect and humility. In addition, we offer good accommodation  and local food sourced from the surrounding countryside. We are able to provide both guides and equipment.
There are five of us here who want you to experience an atmosphere that makes you feel happy to be yourself and to safely explore our environment! We extend our warmest welcome: Sten, Rungnapa, Kerstin, Johanna & Lars. 
We are situated along the Vildmarksvägen wilderness road if you arrive from Strömsund or from Vilhelmina over Stekenjokk. To the Norwegian sea and Namsos there is approx 160 kms and to Strömsund approx 140 kms. Here amongst the mountains, nestled in nature reserves and national parks, right by the Norwegian border by a large mountain lake, lies Pilgrimshotellet hotel, in the village of Gäddede.
GPS N 64° 30.400’, E 14° 8.657’

The hotel Pilgrimshotellet is owned by Nordic Outback AB, who has accommodation, food, guided tours and pilgrimages with close access to the wilderness. We believe that every person can gain respite and insights to grow as a human.